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The single greatest factor, by far, in growing your long-term wealth is the rate of return you get on your investment. For this we have lot of risk free rate of return options available in the market like

1.    Bank Fixed Deposits

2.    Postal RD

3.    Fixed interest Bonds

4.    Public Provident Fund and a lot more……….

There are times when you may need to invest your money for a long time for a very good returns then stocks and bonds have played a major role as stocks have historically offered the highest rate of return on our money.

Stock markets are not casinos; neither is stock trading gambling where most lose and a few winners take it all in one go. Instead, it is a platform where people invest their money, which in turn betters a country’s economy. Investing in stock markets can be considered analogous to growing a tree where you think of your investment as a seed, nurture it by better forecasting about the company and economy time to time and then reap the fruit as your final profit.


The man who knows that it can’t be done, counts the risk not the rewards”


We here work 24/7 to make you aware about the opportunities available in equities, futures, options.Our sole objective is to share our strategies and opinions so as to GROW YOUR MONEY.